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Election will be held on December 10th at 5:00 pm at Volcano Winery

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totus-leafLOVE THE LEAF

Calling all US tea growers to submit origin pride teas.

TOTUS the first ever national tea competition for US grown tea will be hosted in Hawaii this November. A grant from the Hawaii County Office of Research & Development and support from agriculture organizations involved with domestic origin initiatives have helped create this arena recognizing US grown tea and its contribution in domestic agriculture.

Fast approaching!



October 16, 2015
Last day for on-line Entry Forms & Payment Submissions.
October 26, 2015
Last day accepting tea entries at Volcano Art Center by 4PM.

Mail entries to:
Volcano Art Center
TOTUS Awards
PO Box 129
Volcano, Hawaii 96785


November 4, 2015 - Closed to the public.
TOTUS Awards Competition Review

November 7, 2015 - Open to the public.
TOTUS Awards Community Tea-In.
9AM - 5PM
Educational presentations & TOTUS Awards exhibition.
Early registration advised. Limited seating.
For ticket registration on-line VAC Events.
Competition farms receive one free day pass.

LOCATION - 45 minutes from Hilo, Hawaii Airport
Volcano Art Center
Niaulani Campus
19-4074 Old Volcano Road Volcano HI USA 96785
Phone: 808-967-8222


Saturday 9AM - 5PM November 7, 2015
A day of enlightening talks and presentations by
professionals in the arts and science of tea worldwide.

bruce-richardsonSpeaker: Bruce Richardson
Topic: The Book of Tea's Influence on Western Art Premiered at the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum in Santa Fe and at Camellia Sinensis/Montreal centers on the influence of Japanese art and tea...

judges-jane-pettigrewSpeaker: Jane Pettigrew
Topic: The World's Less Well-Known Tea Growing Regions. As the passion for nurturing baby tea plants and producing all the different categories of tea increases around the world...

judges-kevinSpeaker: Kevin Gascoyne
Topic: Talking Terroir
Tea taster Kevin Gascoyne explains some of the key elements that create a specific 'growing environment'. With so many possibilities and variables no two tea growing regions are exactly alike...

judges-davidSpeaker: David De Candia
Topic: Ceylon Tea Pure Sustainability
The three pillars. Economic, Environmental and Social. The main focus is to discuss how important sustainability is in ALL three areas...

speaker-selenaSpeaker: Selena Ahmed
Topic: Tea and the Taste of Climate Change
Selena will explore the impact of climate change on tea quality, and how stakeholders can mitigate this risk. We will approach these topics from a sustainability framework and a guided tea tasting...

speaker-scotchSpeaker: Kevin Gascoyne
Topic: Tea and Scotch Pairing
Tea taster Kevin Gascoyne leads us through the fascinating flavor complexities of two very distinct spectrums. Pairing rare teas with fine Scotch, combinations that enhance and others that conflict. "Two drinks, one from leaf and one from grain...

speakers-historySpeakers: Jane Pettigrew and Bruce Richardson
Topic: The Social History of Tea in Britain and America.The patterns of tea drinking in both countries have followed a very similar course from the 17th century through to today, with America achieving many firsts - in drinking, importing, and growing tea... Trace tea's fascinating connections to furniture design, the layout of Georgian houses, acts of parliament, international wars, temperance, women's suffrage, prohibition and today's passion for tea. READ MORE

Growers & Farmers get involved!


Now that Summer harvests have come to a close and Autumn yields have begun, please take this time to review, experiment and refine the teas that best relay the excellence of your efforts for competition entries. TOTUS has two divisions, Commercial with cash awards and Non-Commercial with certificate awards. Open to all that grow Camellia sinensis tea in the USA.
To learn more please go to entry form.

Merchants & Enthusiasts get involved!


Participate by lending your support in our sponsorship programs to help raise public awareness of US grown tea and show the world your great mission! To learn more go to Sponsorships.


hts1The more informed the public is on domestic tea production, the 1better our representatives can assist in providing support on county, state and federal levels. It is with this intent, the TOTUS Awards will facilitate in raising public awareness, creating opportunities for many in tea production nationwide.

All the best with aloha,
Eva Lee
Tea Farmer
TOTUS Awards Director
The TOTUS Team

PO Box 362
Volcano, Hawaii 96785



The first national tea competition for the American tea grower.

Open to all tea farms, researchers and beginning growers whose tea crop origin is cultivated in US soil.

To encourage producing states to gain global recognition by participating in a national competitive program juried by an international industry panel.

To promote Origin Pride identifying tea production making significant contributions in domestic agriculture and innovative trade.

Held November 2015 headquartered in Hawaii, hosted by the Hawaii Tea Society in partnership with the Volcano Art Center, The Kohala Center, Big Island Resource Conservation and Development Council  and Hawaii Farmers Union United.

For More Information go to the TOTUS website at http://www.totus1awards.com

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