Greetings Hawaii Tea Society Members,

As the new president of our organization, I  want to update you on the current state of the Hawai’i Tea Society.

There are many items to be addressed surrounding the Hawaii tea industry and tea enthusiast. HTS needs to promote and support our farmers, continue the discussion regarding standards and legislation, and offer meaningful events to our local tea lovers, just to name a few.

Although all these items are important, and I intend to work on them all, the first area the new HTS board and I would like to focus on is giving HTS members something of value for their membership. To this end, the new Board of Directors; including myself, JoAnn Aguirre, Peg Bitter, Stacy Spencer, Rhiannon Rhiannon and Emily Herb, are working hard to create a Calender of Events that HTS members will find interesting, informative and valuable.

The first event we would like to announce is a general membership meeting on May 19th at 6 p.m. at the CTAHR Komohana Center, 875 Komohana Street in Hilo. This gathering will feature a presentation from HTS Vice President JoAnn Aguirre on “How to Brew the Perfect Cup of Tea”, followed by some tea tastings.

Also at the meeting, members will have the opportunity to reserve a spot at our first tea farm tour event. These tours are intended to give non farming HTS members the chance to view working tea farms, visit with farmers and be able to sample their teas.

Finally, we would like to hear from you at this meeting. Please help us in shaping our Calendar of Events. What type of activities, workshops and educational opportunities would you like to see in the year ahead?

Check the HTS website as we will be updating it in the weeks ahead, and feel free to contact me at with any questions or input.

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you all May 19th.

Alex Wood


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